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Our Services

Interior Design
After consulting with you and acquiring a full picture of your needs, Artistry Design provides space planning; sourcing and supply of cabinetry, countertops, appliances, fixtures and equipment; appropriate furnishings and accessories; window, wall and floor finishes; colours, textures and lighting requirements.

Universal Design
In universal design, interiors are planned to incorporate safety, comfort and accessibility with obstacles removed. Everybody those with disabilities and able-bodied, young and old can use the space with ease. Artistry Design is guided by the seven principles of universal design: Equitable Use, Flexibility in Use, Simple and Intuitive Use, Perceptible Information, Tolerance for Error, Low Physical Effort, and Size and Space for Approach and Use.

Working Drawings
Professional drafting services include surveys to assess needs and requirements (including universal design); research, development and space planning; NKBA Planning Guidelines (includes universal design); client meetings; preliminary working drawings and presentation of final working drawings with scaled floor plans, interpretive views, center lines, nomenclature and specifications.

Project Management
Artistry Design provides knowledgeable project management when appointing, scheduling and coordinating suppliers, contractors, electricians, plumbers and other trades people throughout the project. On-site visits ensure construction is proceeding in accordance with the contract, that design, labour and materials meet acceptable standards, and ensures projects remain on time and on budget.

Universal Design for People with Traumatic Injuries and Organic Debilitative Diseases
Artistry Design Group Ltd assesses existing premises and provides recommendations for modification of the home and workplace to meet safety and accessibility requirements. Clients credit Artistry Design Group for their creativity and innovation in developing interiors that are individually appropriate, accessible to all and adapt effortlessly to their changing lifestyle as they "age in place".

Donna Riddell, CKD, CBD, former RN, Artistry Design Group Ltd establishes beautiful universal design interiors in renovation or new construction for people with traumatic injuries caused by accidents (in the workplace or other) and organic debilitative diseases.

Donna Riddell's background of 18 years as a Registered Nurse is an asset when considering the type of design that is required for people with all types, levels and combinations of impairment. Her in depth approach to design offers valuable insight and information to benefit her clients:

  • State-of-the art universal design expresses person's own style and is non-clinical to promote a feeling of well being;
  • Space planning creates functional layouts and provides adequate clearances for maneuverability and barrier-free living;
  • Safety considerations limit lifting, bending, twisting and reaching for less chance of injury or re-injury of existing conditions ;
  • Items are stored conveniently within easy reach for ease of use and to conserve physical energy and strength;
  • Thorough assessments/universal design surveys determine client needs and requirements;
  • Research and development offers best approach and solutions;
  • Information and options on products and features allow clients to make informed decisions;
  • Consultation with occupational therapists or other medical professionals may be recommended;
  • Working drawings with detailed specifications assure that construction follows a plan and helps to avoid costly errors;
  • Accessible and functional design features enhance client independence and positively impacts the quality of their lives;
  • Project management maintains project is on time and within budget.

Artistry Design Group Ltd works with, although is not limited to, paraplegics and quadriplegics of spinal cord injury, people with brain injury/cognitive or sensory impairment, cardiovascular compromise, terminal disease, invisible disabilities and those experiencing loss of limb(s).

A comprehensive modification for accessibility report or a representation in court may be an option to substantiate a personal injury claim in order to obtain a fair compensation.

Healthcare Design
Artistry Design Group creates Universal Design layouts that provide sustainable, healthy environments for patients to receive optimum therapeutic care and for staff to provide safe, productive, patient-centered service. Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity benefits patients, staff and owners of healthcare facilities.

Donna Riddell, CKD, CBD, former RN, Artistry Design Group Ltd designs comfortable patient-centered healthcare facilities that are highly functional, ergonomic, flexible to accommodate changing needs, ADA compliant and equally accessible to all. Artistry Design Group utilizes efficient space planning so there is more time spent with patients, doctors and other professionals involved with the patient's care; layouts provide easy way-finding and precedence is given to infection control. Accessibility features are blended seamlessly into the design. Donna Riddell's nursing background is crucial and an asset when considering the needs and requirements associated with design in the Healthcare industry, as the demand continues to increase with our aging population.

Educational Resources
Artistry Design equips students, professionals and consumers with information for product and design application to meet a variety of needs. They design and deliver stimulating seminars and workshops on kitchen, bath and universal design to architects, designers, builders, occupational therapists, government officials, suppliers and consumers.

  • 2008 Workshop: Universal Design of the Home and Community, Hosted by the Calgary Health Region: Occupational Therapy Home Care
  • 2010 Presenter: Buildex Vancouver, Kitchen & Bath Couture: Trends for 2010